Quality Policy
In virtue of scientific management, elaborate manufacture and sincere service, we do our utmost to win customer satisfaction.

Quality Objective
1. Qualification rate of product is not less than 98.5%.
2. Deliver products as per contract terms, and delivery on schedule rate is not less than 99%.
3. Complaint handling completion rate reaches 100%.
4. Customer satisfaction rate is not less than 90%.
5. There should be more than 2 types of products improved or newly developed (including structural and product improvement).

Quality Control
1. Design
Our technicians will implement sampling test before design. Then, they combine test results and customer’s requirement to perform scientific and rational product design, and also devise manufacturing process chart.

2. Procurement
We make investigation on sub-suppliers and file their information based on price and quality level. Meanwhile, we promise that there is at least one sub-supplier who can regularly provide outsourced or cooperatively manufactured parts.

3. Production
Production is implemented strictly in accordance with technical documents, and qualified products at each procedure are clearly marked to ensure product traceability.

4. Inspection
a. We assign professionals to deliver inspection on raw materials, end products as well as outsourced and cooperatively manufactured parts. For large batch of products, sampling inspection is allowable, and sampling inspection rate shouldn’t be less than 30%. Inspection must be carried out for key precision outsourced and cooperatively manufactured parts.
b. For self-made components, self-inspection, mutual inspection and re-inspection should be conducted. They can be rated as qualified components only after passing the three inspections.
c. End product assembly and commissioning can be performed in our factory if possible. Only qualified end products can be delivered. For end products unavailable for assembly within our factory, staged scrupulous test should be conducted. After successful assembly and commissioning in the buyer’s factory, inspection certificate can be issued.

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