1. After understanding your intention, we will introduce our company to you in our reception room.

Through communication, we recommend appropriate equipment based on your requirements on material characteristics and production. Also, we will give detailed introduction on equipment working principle and our advantages.

2. We will show you around in our office.

3. Experiment Center

In our experiment center, working principle and application field of experimental facilities as well as some test samples will be introduced to you. You can also bring some materials to perform an experiment here.

4. Workshop

a. Material and component workshop
In this workshop, you can have a thorough understanding about our 6S management system and executive conditions.

b. Manufacturing workshop

Here, you will know more about our manufacturing technologies and equipment.

You can know manufacturing crafts and processing accuracy of the machine you want to procure. Through on-site investigation and observation, we believe that you will be deeply moved by our production capability and credibility.

5. After on-site investigation, we can come back to the reception room for further communication and negotiation.

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