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1D One-dimensional Movement Mixer

The YHH one-dimensional movement mixer enjoys wide application in medicine, food, feed, pesticide, chemical engineering and other industries for mixing dry powdery or granular materials. When it works, material charging drum is in rotational motion. As there is no shaft-like agitator inside the drum, materials won’t be readily polluted. Thus, this one dimensional mixer totally complies with requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

1. Airtight discharging device effectively prevents dust explosion, and the spiral plate installed at discharge gate ensures complete discharge.
2. After outfitted with vacuum charging device and connector, our one-dimensional movement mixer realizes automatic material charging.
3. The inner wall of drum is treaded with mirror polish to reduce material flow resistance. Meanwhile, the inner wall is welded with scraper, which largely promotes material motion in multiple directions, enhancing material mixing uniformity.
4. Drive system of this one-dimensional movement mixer operates flexibly. By applying frequency conversion to speed control, forward and backward motion of drum can be freely regulated.
5. The 1D mixer is provided with simple structure, easy for cleaning and maintenance.

Technical Parameters

Main Part of YYH-15000

Item Unit Parameters
Mixing drum Total volume L 15000
Effective volume L 9000
Feed quantity (determined by product) kg 4000-5000
Max. diameter of drum mm 2600
Drive system Rotating speed rpm/min. 2-5 (frequency conversion)
Motor power KW 22
Mixing time min./batch 40-80
Dimension and weight Length mm 4730
Width mm 2900
Height (excluding automatic feed system) mm 3025
Height of discharge gate mm 1650
Weight kg 6500

Auxiliary Part of YYH-15000 (Optional Parts)

Item Parameters
Automatic feed system Mode Negative-pressure vacuum continuous feeding
Air volume 300-400m3/h
Air pressure 20000Pa
Feed volume 1500-2000kg/h
Dedusting mode Dust remover with secondary filter
Fan power 5.5KW
Automatic bearing system Mode Sheet metal sensing
Metering range 8-15T
Accuracy ±0.5%
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