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Spray Dryer for Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is extracted from roots, stems and leaves of plants, which cannot be fully dried by common spray drying machines. For this reason, our company successfully develops the specialist ZLPG spray dryer for Chinese medicine by virtue of powerful technical strength and years of design and manufacturing experience. This machine incorporates merits of similar products both at home and abroad, featured by high precision and performance stability. Currently, it has been popularly used by numerous well-known pharmaceutical factories.

1. Tower diameter and height of our spray dryer for Chinese medicine are perfectly designed to ensure that materials won’t stick to tower wall and also to guarantee residence time of materials in hot wind.
2. Tower wall is outfitted with jacket cooling device, so that material melting and coking caused by material sticking to high-temperature tower wall won’t happen.
3. The taper angle of this Chinese medicine extract spray dryer is large enough. The installed air knocker knocks material powder down from the conical vessel in impulse way.
4. Material-contacting parts inside the main engine are treated with grinding and polishing to avoid blister, dead space and material blockage.
5. Material-contacting parts of the entire spray dryer for Chinese medicine are made from stainless steel to prevent materials from pollution.
6. The transmission parts contacting with materials adopt superior sealing, water and oil proof.
7. Product discharge part is controlled using sealed butterfly valve in case of air infiltration.
8. Air induction and material discharge sections adopt hinged joints, easy for demounting, cleaning and disinfecting.
9. The air pre-processing system of our pharmaceutical spray dryer makes use of air filtration, featured by high air purification level.
10. Product collecting system takes advantage of refrigeration dehumidifying mode, which maximally solves agglomeration, melting and moisture absorption problems.
11. The elbow connecting main tower and cyclone separator is fabricated from one-time molded 304 stainless steel pipe to avoid material agglomeration. Meanwhile, it utilizes clamp for quick opening, providing convenience for sewage discharge.
12. Our spray dryer for Chinese medicine is designed with PLC, touch screen and flash player, characterized by high maneuverability. Besides, operating parameters realize automatic tracking adjustment.
13. Thanks to frequency converter, the atomizer of this spray dryer for Chinese medicine can be stably and safely regulated.
14. Inlet and outlet air temperature, and also pressure inside tower of this Chinese medicine extract drying machine are precisely settable.

Technical Parameters
Model ZLPG-5 ZLPG-10 ZLPG-25 ZLPG-50 ZLPG-80 ZLPG-100 ZLPG-150 ZLPG-200 ZLPG-300
Evaporation capacity (kg/h) 5 10 25 50 80 100 150 200 300
Feed quantity (kg/h) 6-7 12-14 25-34 50-68 80-108 100-135 150-203 200-270 300-406
Output (kg/h) 1-2 2-4 4.8-7.2 9.2-14 14.8-22.4 18.4-28 28-42 36.8-56.4 55-85
Solid content of liquid feedstock 18-25%
Moisture content of final product 3-5%
Power (KW) 36 45 63 99 132 153 204 246 330
Heat source Steam + Electricity
Product collecting mode and collection efficiency Two-level cyclone or one-level cyclone + Water film duster
Auto control instrument Hot air temperature and exhaust air temperature display
Automatic temperature controller
Inlet air temperature (°C) 150-200
Outlet air temperature (°C) 80-100
Overall dimension (mm) L 5000 5500 7000 8000 9800 11000 12200 14100 15000
W 3000 3500 4000 5000 5700 6200 7000 7800 9000
H 4500 4600 5200 6500 7600 8100 9000 9850 11100
Note: The above dimensions are for reference only. Other dimensions are also available on request.
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