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Spin Flash Dryer

The XSG spin flash dryer is a new-type high-efficiency fluidized drying equipment developed by us to avoid static drying defects as low efficiency and high consumption. By integrating the advantages of spin flash drying, it boasts rational technological structure and predominant service performances, indeed realizing low consumption and high efficiency.

This rotary flash vaporization dryer enjoys wide application in fields like flame retardant, molecular sieve, rubber and plastics, pesticide, dyestuff, fine chemical, feed, medicine and some intermediates for dehumidifying and drying.

Working Principle
Hot wind enters mixing and pulverizing chamber from the bottom of the spin flash dryer via air inlet and in certain speed. Under the action of hot wind, materials will be centrifuged, cut, smashed, ground and then pelletized, which intensifies mass and heat transfer.

Then, material particles with less moisture and smaller granularity will be raised up by rotary airflow, during which they will be further dried. As the inertia of solid phase is larger than that of gas phase, the speed of solid-and-gas phase interaction is relative high. Thus, heat transfer effect is improved and also drying intensity of this spin flash drying machine is high.

1. Various kinds of feeding devices are provided for your options. These devices enable continuous and stable feeding, and bridging phenomenon won’t occur.
2. Special cooling device is installed at the bottom of spin flash dryer to prevent materials from deterioration because of high temperature.
3. Pressure sealing and bearing cooling devices effectively extend the service life of transmission unit.
4. Special-purpose wind distributor reduces resistance the machine encounters, and also well balances wind speed.
5. Drying chamber is configured with classifying ring and spinning disk, thereby material fineness and moisture are controllable.
6. Due to high circumferential air speed, material residence time is short and material won’t readily stick to the wall of spin flash dryer. Besides, deterioration of heat sensitive materials can be avoided.

Technical Parameters
Model Inner diameter of main engine (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Evaporated moisture (kg/h) Installed power (KW) Maximum height (m) Floor area (m2)
XSG-4 400 2100 60 25 4.6 19
XSG-6 600 4500 130 37 5.5 26
XSG-8 800 7500 240 48 6.0 34
XSG-10 1000 12000 400 75 6.5 45
XSG-12 1200 18000 610 85 7.0 58
XSG-14 1400 24000 800 98 7.8 76
XSG-16 1600 30000 1000 135 8.5 110

1. Evaporation capacity of moisture is measured at 200°C inlet air temperature and 80°C outlet air temperature.
2. Installed power varies in accordance with physical and chemical properties of materials.

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