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Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer

Working Principle
Clean hot air enters fluid bed under distribution of valve plate, which then transforms water wet materials entering from feeder into fluidized materials. These materials move inside the fluid bed just like boiling water. Hence, the XF horizontal fluid bed dryer gets its name.

After full contact of hot air and materials, drying is accomplished within a very short time. Finally, finished products will be automatically discharged out of the horizontal fluidized bed dryer.

With more than 30 years of application history, our horizontal fluid bed dryer has witnessed constant improvement and development. Widely used in food, grain processing, chemical engineering and pharmaceutical industries, it is suited to dry or dehumidify BPC (bulk pharmaceutical chemicals), granular patent medicine, dissolved medicine, feed, plastic resin and other powdery or granular materials. Particle size of materials ranges from 0.1mm to 6mm, and 0.5mm to 3mm is optimal range for drying.

Installation Instruction
1. Fluidized bed, cyclone separator and bag-type dust remover should be placed on level floor, and foot screw is unneeded.
2. Indoor or outdoor installation is allowable for fan of this horizontal fluid-bed dryer. Base and foot screws should be used. As for plane layout, you can make an adjustment according to plant conditions.
3. The air duct system of the horizontal fluid bed dryer should be airtight for fear of affecting drying effect.

Technical Parameters
Model Bed area (m2) Drying capacity (water, kg/h) Fan Inlet air temperature (°C) Material discharge temperature (°C) Energy consumption for heating
Power Wind pressure Air volume Steam (kg/h) Electricity (KW)
XF-10A 0.25   5.5 4900 2300        
XF-10B 0.25 10-15 4 3800 2300     50 30
XF-20A 0.5   7.5 5000 3100     100 60
XF-20B 0.5 20-25 5.5 3500 3100    
XF-30A 1   15 6000 4200   150 90
XF-30B 1 30-45 11 4700 4200 60-140 40-80
XF-50A 2   22 7400 6000     250 150
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